Salmon caviar

Salmon caviar Budapest

Salmon caviar – caviar obtained from the eggs of salmon fish (Salmon caviar, Salmon roe). Caviar from such salmon fish as CHUM SALMON, PINK SALMON, and SOCKEYE SALMON has gained the greatest industrial popularity.

Chum salmon caviar (Keta caviar, Chum salmon roe, Oncorhynchus keta roe) – salmon caviar from Chum salmon eggs. These are the largest, most orange, and bursting eggs.

Pink salmon caviar (Pink salmon roe, Gorbusha caviar, Oncorhynchus Gorbusha) – salmon caviar from the eggs (roe) of pink salmon. It has a redder hue and medium-sized eggs.

Sockeye salmon caviar (Oncorhynchus nerka) – salmon caviar (salmon roe) from Sockeye salmon eggs (roe). It has the smallest and most delicate fish eggs with a very refined taste.