Sturgeon caviar “Malossol” 100g.

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Caviar “Malossol” – Tender, with a pleasant, strong taste and soft eggs. For the author’s salting we use an old family recipe and put our heart and soul into the process. Our family traditions enable us to maximise the gastronomic qualities of each type of caviar.
– The freshest caviar (freshly packed)
– Reduced salt levels
– Vacuum control on the lid
Malossol” sturgeon caviar is the most delicate eggs and the most intense, well-formed taste of caviar. The distinctive flavour makes it ideal for toasting and tartlets. It goes especially well with mascarpone or a thin layer of butter. The secret of its flavour lies in the traditional 1.8kg tins, which have been used for more than 200 years in the caviar industry. Such a sandwich will melt in your mouth and leave a real treat, but for caviar lovers I’d recommend our caviar “Premier selection”.

Storage temperature and shelf life:

At -6 -4 ° C – 6 months from the date of purchase.

At 0 + 5 ° C – 2 months from the date of purchase.

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Weight 100 g